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Kul'Nar by Paladin-Ciel Kul'Nar by Paladin-Ciel
This is the most recent sketch I have on the Lich Dragoness Kul'nar. She was once a proud defender of the light. She guarded the tomb of the Lich Anubus ceaselessly for centuries slaughtering all came seeking to the dark power held within.

She was eventually defeated in battle by the inner council of Necromancer and Liches. In her final death throws she vowed that she would not rest until every last of them had been destroyed. Her hatred for the Lich was so powerful that she became the very creature she had sought to destroy.

She now lies dormant chained at the bottom of their stronghold. A tool for them to call upon in their most desperate of times. The question now is, are any of them powerful enough to accurately direct her rage without falling victim to it themselves?
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zodiaccat7 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2011
This is a Fantastic Picture!
The intensity of the picture it great!
I love the expression you get from this.
Your story was good too.

But what really pulled me to this picture was the emotion and connection I had between the Dragon.
It felt like I was looking into a mirror of my soul with my inner Rage I could never get ride of... its a part of me that I had a hard time with growing up and struggle here and there with.

This pic will be in my Top Favs
Thank you for sharing this Fantastic Art piece!
SigfriedX Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
I love this dragon!!!!!!!!!!!!
Btw do you have any kind of guide for dragons?
Paladin-Ciel Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Hmm a guide for dragons...

I'm pretty particular when it comes to what dragons I'll give my stamp of approval on. ^_^

I don't like dragons just lounging about like cows so I try to ensure i keep a fierce countenance on any one I draw.

I tend to favor the European styled dragon over the Asian one, and hate tiny wispy wings. ^_^() If something that big is expected to fly its wings had better be pumped with muscles. ^_^

I think overall despite what ever body type you choose that your main focus should be on the face.

I try to build my dragons skulls based more on a cross between wolves and dinosaurs (The real life dragons)

Its a good idea to pay close attention on were the neck attaches to the skull. and make sure you draw a solid guideline that follows the spine... my favorite spines and horns will tend to be placed on those lines. ^_^

I tend to favor the triangular scales but really do need to practice on the round types more.

I prefer to put large heavy scale plates running the length of the underside of the neck, torso, and belly and tale.

Try to always keep reference material handy to pick out what you could do better. Images of lizards skeletons of dinos or wolves or any animal... mixing different animal types under the skin of a dragon can make for some interesting effects. ^_^
SigfriedX Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Thx a lot for the tips or de guide jejeje and i haave already take a note about it, i will try it soon and aagin thx a LOT!!!!
Paladin-Ciel Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Glade I could be of help. ^_^
Razorthe6249th Featured By Owner May 1, 2008
Goddamn that is some pretty wild linework.
Paladin-Ciel Featured By Owner May 2, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Wild? Are you saying its too messy? :(


Thank you so much for your compliments. -^_^-
Razorthe6249th Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2008
Nooo, wild is awesome. I love wild.
Paladin-Ciel Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Thanl you so much! I just wish I could more easily bring out that same style in my ink works. ;o
LiLMissBossy Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2008
thats frickin awesome!
Paladin-Ciel Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you so much! =^_^=
Miss-Person Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2007
hello beasty. rawr rawr rawr. i do so enjoy this. its mighty ferocious
Paladin-Ciel Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Hehe thanks alot... Shes one of my favorite designs right now. ^_^
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